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To create Markers on a map, I use "Any Component" from a CSV list downloaded in assets. But Any Component Markers doesn't seem to read the whole list; example: 35 lines on the csv list, and only 25 markers created. Similarly, from a list of 21 lines, I only get 15 markers...
My csv lists are created from an xlsx file that I convert online to csv, and format imae markers is "svg".
Do you already know this problem? Would this come from the csv file or is there a limit to the operation of "Any Component" or should I change the support for my list (Google sheet, or other)?
Thank you for your opinion or solution on this problem.
Have a good day

It is possible you actually get all your Markers . Markers will overlap existing Markers if some Locations are very close to the position of a previously created Marker. :cry: Zoom in your Map and see if you can find the 'missing' Markers.

Who knows, you didn't provide/share a file with your Marker locations or show the code you are using so no one can tell. That means only you can check this.

I checked: there are no "hidden" markers.
Attached is a copy of my marker creation code. Would it be badly arranged? It works, but not completely...!
Uploading: blocks(1).png...
thank you for yours good ideas !

Please repost your Blocks image (your link does not work) and provide the text of an example csv file you use.

This tutorial shows how to load multiple locations National Park Tutorial (Markers) updated

Sorry for initial link
A csv line example : "1","Citadelle","6","rfg","4562","11","47.71","-3.365",

You have made this unnecessarily complex Philippe. Sorry, I won't attempt to fix this.
I expect your issues arise because you expect to do everything on the File1.GetText event handler. That is not very practical. :cry:

Look at the example I posted.

Merci pour votre oeil d'expert ! Effectivement, le bloc "File 1 Get Text" était trop "chargé". En utilisant "For Each number" au lieu de "For Each item" dans "File 1 Get Text" , le problème est résolu.
Merci encore et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

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