Many problems with the new forum

Hi all,
the new forum may be better, but I have many problems with it.

  1. I am on a side and I Think it may by the App inventor Help site.
  2. My old postings are lost. - I know they are stille somewhere and once I found a link to it, but got lost. - (ok, writing this I found it in my bookmarks, but could itbe written somewhere)
  3. searching in the new forum does not really work. Searching for one thing I get many topics but nearly all without my search Item.
  4. May be someone could somewhere post a link, how to use this forum. I hope there will be an answer, but i fear I will not find it :worried: :disappointed_relieved:
  5. I just tried to found this posting by my name. nothing

and last: It opens in a new Window on Firefox (like the old one) without the go back etc. Button. With the old Windows I could find my postings quickly by the filter. But now…

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Your old posts are still on Google Groups, go there to refer to them.

See your icon top right on the new forum, click on that, then click on your name, you will be offered some options: Activity and Summary are perhaps the most useful

See the search icon, top right, click on that, then click on options, start typing your name in the posted by box, your user should appear, select that.

I can confirm that the search function doesn’t work
On the positive side the editing facility for posts and replies is much better and great to be able to post images

I agree Horst. The move to a new platform was not well thought out; a move to rid ourselves of issues with Google Groups exposed warts in Discourse including language translation, searching, ease in finding discussions etc. Simple is the old site’s biggest strength.

As far as the ‘old’ site is concerned, it is STILL ACTIVE and will be until mid January. After then, you will still be able to use the ‘old’ site to search for topics (only you will not be able to continue the existing discussions if you have questions). AI developers will be able to use the old Forum as a resource fortunately. Sorry, Discourse cannot search the old Forum automatically.

Searching within this mess might improve as more people ask questions, programming problems are discussed and topics increase. So learn how to use it ; the old site Forum is almost history.

How to use Discourse (this new mess)
Discourse New User Tips and Tricks - Discourse Blog
( might help (or it might confuse you even more). Or, follow Tim’s tips and stay as confused as I am. Unfortunately Discourse is not well suited to asking and answering questions…it is set up to establish community and social activity and English language centric without a plug in MIT would need to pay for. MIT uses the new site to combine several other forums in one place so they like it.

Happy New Year!

– Steve

Please note that for searching, just like google, you can include double quotes to search exactly for what you are searching form. If included in quotes, it will search for exact words
“someone answer me” vs someone answer me

Also, you can use advanced search:


sorry, I don't understand, can you elaborate?

your posts from the old forum are here Redirecting to Google Groups
and everyone can search as @TIMAI2 described


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Hi thanks all.

I can go on. Happy New Year.

As with all new things users will have to get used to the new software. This will come with the normal amount of frustration. After a while you will get used to it and see the benefits of choosing for Discourse.

Thanks Taifun,
your link helped me. I just wonder, why the administrator of a system seldom think for new users. This link should be in the FAQ section.
It’s just frustating,having lots to do and then more have to adapt to a new system.


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