Manipulating All components at once ... I hope

Just a shot in the dark, besides having to add every... EVERY control into an array, can one manipulate one aspect of every control in one's app in one shot. Eg, set the font bold in all controls, (if it has a text element), or set colour to blue if elements have a background. I give not a tot to the element, rather the ability.
I ask, as I want to add a font size in 'Settings' of an app, but suddenly realizing that there is an absolutely monstrous amount of typing, dragging, clicking etc to accomplish the task having made the decision long after the fact.
(Reminds me of the old saying, 'Failing to plan, is planning to fail.' d'oh!)


You can do what you want by making lists of components, then using the aynComponent blocks to iterate over the list to change a property - given that they all have the same property available.

Yeah... I have done thus many times, it's just a daunting task to add that after the fact. I will tackle it, I'm sure.... when I have some time.
Cheers Tim, educational as usual


While I have your attention, I realize that [bold] and [italics] can only be set at design time instead of on the fly... (Switches, I am looking at)... ?

There is an extension (probably several) for that:

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... you can do that in the Designer too. Just pick the Components whilst holding down the Control Key. The Properties Palette shows how many have been selected and presents the properties that can be changed. So if you wanted to set all Components that have a text font property to Bold, you can.

(P.S. - learnt this from TimAI2 :grin: )

Good one, yes, but not at run time.

All good now as I built a procedure that I add to as I build the app.