Managing large app


how do you usually manage “large” app? I know that the definition of “large” can change between people. But I recently come back to an old app of my own and I realized that I am losing a lot of time scrolling arond the windows searching for pieces of blocks instead of “writing” code. Is there a search function? trying the ctrl+F didn’t work

Usually I keep my blocks linear so I can use my scroll wheel up and down.

I organize my procedures and events in the same order as my doc sections explaining them.

I export procedures and event blocks to a file system for direct browsing by name.
(Good for version control too)

I use generic blocks and events to reduce block count.

I avoid keeping data in text blocks.

The procedure call block has a context menu option to jump to the base procedure, and Undo can bring you back to where you were.

Can’t find an event block? Drag in a duplicate from the blocks palette and follow the red error arrows.


nice workaround, I hope the MIT team would ease this kind of problems
Even a search box would be incredibly useful