Managing big files in aia and apk

Hello guys, my app needs to use a big mpp3 file (between 40 to 50MB) so I can not save in the Media. Then I tried to save it in the assets folder of the apk (I built the apk then I saved the file using WinRAR in the asset folder contained inside apk) but the installation of the apk fails (near to the end of the installation I received an error message: application not installed) saying that the app was not installed. Am I failing on something or it is not possible to follow this procedure? I know that I could download the big media file by internet but, if possible, I would prefer that the user has not to download anything more than the app.

Did you read this guide?


No, I searched the forum but I did not find it, I suppose that I missed something in the procedure I followed... I am reading and trying to follow it.

For real ?

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OK, it works perfectly, I modified a couple of apk and now I will modify in the same way a couple of aab more or less ready to be delivered.

OK, it works perfectly.

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