Making the project has more space not only 30mb

Dear mit app inventor ,
I've noticed while I finished doing a really important project that it only must be 30 mb but most people that uses mit app inventor makes large projects and I'm one of them so please if it is an option to make the size bigger so we could complete using your website and thanks again
The user of this account :slight_smile:

The aia size limit is 30 MB for and 50 MB for

For bigger projects see


How do you know that?


follow tip 2 here


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  • Do you use screens wisely? If you have 10+ screens, your app really needs to go on a diet.

  • Do you use unnecessary assets (media files)? The main server only supports 30 MB of assets. Do your math and calculate the total size of all assets. Make sure that they are not over 30 MB.

  • Do you repeat code in your Blocks editor several times? If you find repeated code in screens, use procedures. Procedures can help you reuse code. Or, rather than "setting" the same property of different components several times, use the "for each item in list" block.

  • Do you have too many components in your project? Maybe 100 layouts or 1000 buttons. If so, you can use dynamic component extensions to create them by blocks, rather than the Designer.

  • Are your images just too large to be loaded into App Inventor? This might cause the user's device running out of RAM (memory), and eventually, it might crash.

  • Do you use extensiosn only when necessary? Some extensions can be replaced with built-in blocks.

  • Do you use multiple non-visible components (e.g. TinyDB) unnecessarily? If you have multiple TinyDBs with different namespaces, you can use only 1 TinyDB, but change the namespaces throughout the code.

If "yes" to any of these questions, then you can definitely reduce the size of your project.

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