Making the Node-Red user-interface visible


does anyone have experiece in making visible the User-Interface of a Node-Red-Flow?
I got stuck with the built-in Browser element, because most probably the functionality is not sufficient.

Please share your comments / experieces / solutions!


Where will you be running node-red, given that it requires node.js, and therefore cannot be run on the device? How does node-red output its display - html ?

The Node-Red is running on an Raspi in my LAN. In order to not open local ports on my modem and to access from externally, I installed remoteit ( on my Raspi, wich is running perfctly.

Therefore, I can access my Node-Red-Userinterface over the Internet.

The access over the webviewer-component (with remote-it-adress) doesn't work, the screen remains black. The same happens, if I open a local port on my modem for test purposes.
Node-Red seems to uns JavaScript.

Having had a very quick read of the Node-red documentation, it seems that its output is displayed in a browser, therefore it should display in a webviewer / webview. Not sure why you get a black screen?

Can your device access the node-red interface using its native browser, e.g. Chrome ?

Defenetly yes.
Via Remote-it as well as via direct access with open port on the modem.


Fixed with the use of:

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