Making guessing game

hello, i am trying to recreate a game from a tutorial but i starten over many times but it does not work. does anyone know what i am doing wrong?
i pass the initiate screen besause that gives a lot of errors, but if anyone knows why that happens that would be great to. just put the initiatescreen back in the initiate screen1 section.
i am including the aia
guessing game_copy.aia (453.5 KB)

...what tutorial are you following?

In IntializeScreen, there seems to be a problem:
You are trying to divide a number by a list.

thank you, this is a you tube video to learn loops. i am new so i am doin every tutaral there is:) but this one doesnt work .
it shoud be a hangman game were you guess letters and then it calls diferent pictures to the screen. you start whit just a tree and wen you guess wrong a head will be added, wrong once more a body and so one.
but it does not work. can you tell where it fails?
i know the submit button workes until the first sound. because if i leave it blank a sound can be heard. and it also knows that i put in a letter because it dos not sound wenn you put in a letter. but the rest isnt working. it should get global word and match the user input (uin) to the word but is doesnt do that. i tryed so many difrent thingh but it does not work. can you help me?

Post a link to the video, and

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

So check the video again, and see what the variable should be in the place that @NishyanthKumar pointed out.

it should be just like that, so the tutural is not working properly.
i can skip this whole section, it wond effect the game at all. i already got it out of initialize screen1.
but the real problem is that the submit button doest call the right stuff.
bad sound works and it also sees if i put in a letter. but it doesnt compare it with the global word so you can never play this game. why doesnt it work?

These are not the only blocks in your app... Nishyanth Kumar pointed out an error in other blocks than the ones you showed... The devil is in the details, all blocks must be built identically as in the tutorial. Not just the ones in the button.

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no as you can see in the aia there are more files. and maybe the fault is in one of those? but as i cant understand the submit section i think the fault must be in here. the other ones i can follow a bit and they seem logic and fine but submit i cant figure out. did you see the aia? discart the initialize screen section because thats out of order for the moment. i just want the game to work and i dont know were the fault is. can you help?

i already uploaded the aia file in the very first post.

Sorry, I posted from my phone.

Did I also miss the link to the original video?

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I found the link to the video:

....and this is what the problem blocks were supposed to be [please excuse the low quality]:

If you want a less graphic-intensive Hangman, see

Jednak trochę sie rozni od tego co w aia autora postu...

if i get rid of the initialize screen section the game still does not work.
it does not need that section so i excludid it from the initialize screen1 section.

guessing game_copy.aia (453.5 KB)

guessing game_copy.aia (453.5 KB)
the aia was already uploaded in the first post

great maybe it helps to make visible were i went wrong?
can you help me?

as was already said in post 14, your blocks were this:

However, they should've been this:

You also mixed up the values of this:
It should have been: