Making Extension

How can I make an extension? From where can I start doing extensions.

Thank you!!

first you need to have an idea, what idea do you want to make?

I wanted to make a simple extension which can change the background to gradient

that idea already made, see:

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But I wanted to make it

okay then you have to learn from here first :

Note : The tutorial above is good because it is explained in detail and the code that is taught is code related to gradient background

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The link in the post @Anke gave goes to the link which @Salman_Dev gave. :sweat_smile:

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But as you can see there are two links, so also this:

But I didnt understand what the site said. I am a beginner to extensions


Ok, I understand :hushed:

Can we do it in any webpage without installing

yes, you can use this website to compile your extensions :

and also you can use this website to compile your Aix :

Thank you very much

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You're welcome @Alpha2020 :innocent:

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