Making Delay inside for each loop

Hi all,
I am working on a project to call multiple phone numbers with time interval (Delay) between them, I stored these numbers in a list and try to use for each item function to do that and using the clock to make the delay but I could not , may you have an idea to do this please

Turn on the clock when you want the interval. Continue what you were doing afterwards.

Make sure that the clock is disabled from the designer first.

Are you looking to make a conference call (only some phones can handle up to 5 calls for this, and i believe you would need to use the default phone app for this) or something else?

You cannot put a delay inside a loop as you indicate, you have to make one call, then handle the call event - perhaps PhoneCallEnded?, (here you add the clock timer, if needed), then make the next call, and so on.

You will need the companion 2.58au which you can get from the AI2 app Help section, which contains the PhoneCallDirect block. Please read the documentation for this:

@Xtendera, I know this function and I apply it to make many calls to a single phone number every 1 minute, but now I need to make calls to five or six phone numbers every one minute Sequensially, like call no.1 then after one minute call no.2 then after another one minute call no3 and so on.


Call No 1 = 6 x calls to six different numbers in a minute ?
Call No 2 = 6 x calls to six different numbers in a minute ?


This allows a maximum of 10 seconds (probably less) per call

Your problem will be programmatically ending the calls, there is no block for that, neither is there a block for phone call not answered. Are you expecting the calls to be answered? The device would need to be set (if possible) to number of rings.

actually I have send codes to check balance for each number and no need to end calls, every 1 minute I want to send check balance code to one of the phone numbers I have , Just I thought to store them in a list then make a (for-each loop) to apply the send code procedure, but it should be a time interval between every call, but it doesn't work

Try this:


Thank you so much

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