Making app with my friend

can someone help me i wanna make an app with my friend for a project in school is that possible!

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This community discussion Make apps with more people talks about several ways you could share an app project.

Team members can also log in to the server if they share the reenter code. If you share a Project this way, people sharing the project cannot access the Project simultaneously , Those who share must be very careful to save Project copies etc. and coordinate usage. This technique could work but it has its own issues. The suggestions in the link might be a better way.


Hi, so the code u are talking about where can i find it? Is it the same as this ??

And like where should my friend put it in?

Hi @111726 welcome to the community!

Do you mean you want a friend from the community?

This is connecting your computer to your phone via the MIT AI2 Companion app

No this is not the code. As @SteveJG suggested go to MIT App Inventor and enter with out account

Once logged you get a code ( you must save it somewhere) which you can share with co workers

In order to login again use code


How can my friend join my project its for school

If you use the code server discussed in post #5 you can share the access code with him/her. Just remember, both of you can not be logged in to the Project simultaneously. :cry: or you could corrupt the Project. Just one of you at a time .