Making App Inventor Special Operating System Specially For Raspberry Pi and Laptop

We know from long time... App Inventor is Open Source and Linux is Also Open. Source... Why Not to make Linux Base App Inventor Development Environment OS... In which all kinds of Java Base Apps Can Be Developed . And all Power Of Processor/SSD/RAM used for Only Error Free Programming Environment.

Operating System Structure Verry First

Linux Kernel
Simple Terminal Ask For Option

1 App Inventor 2
2 Launch Firefox
2 Java Base Developement
3 Creat Windows Apps
4 Creat Apple Apps
5 Creat Linux Apps

This all will special Blockly Base Environment For All Programming Needs.

Ignore Negativity Please....


Do you know how to make Special AI2 System for Raspberry Pi & Linux?

Great Idea though

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No I Don't !!!
But Curently AI2 is running on Respberry Pi OS . But Built Server Not Working Verry Well. Its Gives AAPT Error.

If Special Developer Focus on this topic .
This can be on next stage....

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Yes, its a very great Idea :+1:

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Really it is a good idea

We bundle the x86_64 binaries for some of the Android toolchain since our build environment is x86_64 servers running in the cloud. To run the App Inventor build server on a Raspberry Pi you will need to get arm64 versions of the Android build tools aapt, aap2, and zipalign and replace the versions in the source tree.

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