Making an iOS mobile application with MIT App Inventor

Hello. I have an Android mobile application, but I want to make a mobile application for iOS. Is this possible with MIT App Inventor?
Use this, still in beta

I doubt if compilation of the server works for most people yet. Based on my prior knowledge, only a small group of beta-testers can compile apps on the server.


Actually we have turned off the limitations on the test server to allow for more people to try it out. However, there are a number of issues that have been identified and so it will take us some time to work through those and update the server to a more stable version.


Hopefully not for too long, not years again. :pray: :wink:

How long will it take?
Will there be a stable release this year or this month?

I have a 4 hour block on Thursday scheduled to work through the issues you've reported. The corresponding thread on build server availability will be updated once I've made some progress.


"Please note that starting April 2024, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with at least Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK"
have a few questions :
I have completed the application, can I upload it to the appstore now?
What is the current Xcode version and SDK version?
Thank you

The test build server is currently building with Xcode 14 against iOS 16, but it will be updated before the deadline to upgrade.

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Sorry for the question, but does this mean that from then on you will also have to upgrade existing apps (for which no update is planned) or does this only apply to new apps and app updates from April 2024?

(Unfortunately, I haven't looked at my iOS apps for a while since there are no new updates planned.)

I think it's just when submitting the apps. Existing apps in the store likely won't need to be upgraded. Apple may have a separate policy governing apps that aren't targeting the latest version but that would be between the developer and Apple.

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OK, thank you for the information. I will send a request to Apple Developer Support to finally clarify this question.