Making an assets panel for Appinventor

So, well Hi guys. I was working on my appinventor but, I suddenly noticed that something needed to be improved to make it responsive. That thing was the Assets panel. I wanted to make it look like a dialog box, but encountered many errors so I came here in search of help.

The main problem is that there are no changes in it even after recompilation. :unamused:

We can help if u can tell what errs u got

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@Pradevel Actually, I tried to transfer properties of other modals to it but, it showed no change

Don't you mean "That thing" instead of "The things"?

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Sorry for spelling mistake but,

Well, don't feel it offensive but, helping in someone's problem is more necessary than just pointing out spelling mistakes. The community is for helping each other and sorting spelling mistakes isn't a too good idea :bulb:

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Hello @Know_About_IT,
You can try to:
1- Don't let the Ode class attach the AssetListBox to the UI, so the AssetListBox will remain initially non-viabile, and unattached, you can do that by commenting out this line:

2- Add a new button to the DesignToolbar, by editing DesignToolbar class.
3- Create a new command to be executed when the button is clicked, which involves creating a new DialogBox and setting it's contents to the AssetListBox. You can get an AssetListBox instance by invoking the static method AssetListBox.getAssetListBox()
4- Some parts in the Appinventor still assumes that an asset box is present, these parts would throw a NullPointerException when they get invoked, or show the AssetListBox in a place you don't like to show, you should modify them to prevent accessing the non-existant AssetListBox. For example the YaFormEditor class, when switching to the Designer:

And the YaBlockEditor class, when switching to the blockly editor, and when unloading the blockly editor:


Well, the answer is quite good and explanatory


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