Making an app where you can press on a date and it will show you the corresponding data on google sheets

Hi I am making an app where students can press on a date on a calendar and it will display the homework on that given date. I have already made the functioning calendar and its function to upload the data to google sheets. Now I want to make the function where when a date is pressed on a calendar, the app is going to find the date on the spreadsheet and list the corresponding work available on it. I also want multiple homework to be displayed but i dont really know how.
this is how my blocks are currently

this is how the spreadsheet looks like.
Screenshot 2024-05-04 153101

this is how the design is

Maybe with the gviz api. Take a look at this:

So you cab do a query like this:

SELECT A,B,C WHERE A = '05/04/2024'

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