Making a Space Shooter Game!

Hello people!

First of all I would like to say that I am new to programming.

I’m trying to create a Galaga style game (SpaceShooter), like this video below:

But I am encountering some problems.
The idea was for the ship to fire all the time. And the ship is controlled by dragging it on the screen and not by buttons. However, whenever I drag the ship the shot resets the position and the shot never reaches the end of the canvas.

1st Doubt - How do I keep the shot going and continuously leave more than one shot before the first shot even reaches the edge of the Canvas.

and I’m also having a hard time getting the enemy to move. I don’t know if in App Inventor it is possible to do such a thing. But I would like to make moves for enemy ships as in the video above

2nd Doubt - How do I make enemies move like the video above? I can make them move on the X and Y axis as in Space Invaders, but not like most current games.

Thank you in advance for your attention and help!

App Inventor 2 is not a game engine. None the less some fairly nice games can be created.

AI2 apps are slower and not as dramatic as those developed using Android Studio or one of the Android game engines. You can move sprites diagonally in addition to the x and y axis by using the MoveTo and by using Math blocks to calculate a destination

Try the following resources for ideas

Creating Animated Apps

Link to Tutorial Space Invaders for about how to handle your issues.

Link to old AI2 Forum games and hints by Scott (an avid AI2 game developer)


If you have a specific question; please post an image of the Blocks you tried and someone might provide specific advice.


dunnk116shootergame (1).aia (870.9 KB)

look at the code this is the game im making and i have your problems solved