Making a one quote a day app

Hello! I am making a one quote a day app. after looking at lots of tutorials and browsing the community extensively. I couldn't find a more efficient way to make the app than manually entering the quotes for everyday 365 times. I am posting this here to see if anyone would have an idea of how to make the app more efficiently.

PS: I can't really use an API because many of the quotes are mine or not found online.

Here are my blocks so far

You need to keep your quotes in a file in the Media folder.
For an example of how to pick a random line from a file, see

Thanks for the answer! So as I understand it. I have to fill a file media with the quotes and then use a file component to call it as here

But then I am still faced with being able to uniquely display one quote per day with no repetitions using the date picker calendar.

PS: To Be more precise. I want to have the user to be able to select ANY date they want and have a specific quote for that day that does not change.

after read the quotes from assets, you need to convert it to a list, then

of course, the length of the quotes should be more than 366.

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From the original App Inventor Google Forum in 2018 a slightly different way.

TipOfDaySimple .aia (13.2 KB)

Very simple approach based on nth day of 365days.. Good one @Anke

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If you don't have enough quotes to fill a calendar year, you can use modulo arithmetic, as in this planned expansion to my Wordle app ...

P.S. For a single column file, I find the SPLIT AT \n block a very easy way to form a list from the text.

@Anke @SteveJG @Kevinkun @ABG thank you so much y'all! Working on it right now and will get back with how it went.