Making a obstacle running game

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I would like to make a obstacle running game, which is similar to Tom & Jerry from Scratch, but I don't have a mind that how can I draft the blocks of making 7 lanes with obstacles . Could someone know how to create it?

Here is the details of the game:
‘Mousy Dash Dash’ is a simple game where players control a mouse being chased by a cat while avoiding traps.
The objective is to guide the mouse back to its home while evading the cat and not stepping on any traps. The
game features 7 vertical lanes where players can move the mouse by swiping up and down.
The cat follows the lane that the mouse is on with a short delay and moves faster than the mouse. However, if
the cat steps on a trap, it will be stunned momentarily, giving the player an advantage. Players need to be
mindful of the cat's location while planning their moves.
Traps are randomly generated throughout the game, adding an element of unpredictability and requiring players
to stay vigilant. Along the track, players can collect coins, which can be used to purchase different mouse skins,
adding a customization aspect to the game.

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