Making a location app for elementary students

I created this script, but it doesn't display the current location in the map.
image (5)

When I press the "current location" button I made, it shows a completely random area.

I have tried it on other devices with wifi connection, but it still didn't work properly.
If anyone can tell me where the problem is occuring, I'd be so grateful. Thanks!

did you give the app location permission (also turn on the location)

The location is on, but I gave the MIT app permission and the downloaded app I created permission and it's still not working. :confused:

Maybe you need to set the LocationSensor to the map (it seems you are not setting it with blocks either):

I set it to "Locationsensor1" and it's still not working properly.

With the information you provided it is impossible to diagnose the problem.

  • are you using an Android? Which version?

  • I suspect part of the problem regarding "random area" is your use of PanTo . Instead use CenterFromString and ZoomLevel as shown in the Blocks below

sometimes using Pan has issues.

  • you are using MapType Aerial; try using Roads instead. Why? There are reasons,
    -Sometimes using the PropertySettings to the exclusion of actual Blocks causes issues

  • etc. etc

  • post your Project aia and someone should be able to test.

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@STEMON Here try this aia: The soultion is to turn on show user if show user is turned off the map will point to somewhere else (IDK why).

Location.aia (24.3 KB)

It works completely fine for me I have turned on location and am on android 14

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I am using an Android phone, Xperia SO-01M version 11, but I noticed it's quite terrible. I have figured it out! Thanks for the help!

Thank you so much! I will try it ou!

Also try using [if not working] SHOW USER, also change Line from string 0,0

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I did, the issue has been resolved. Thanks!

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