Making A list of FirebaseDB

Using firebasedb in Appinventor, I want to make a list of all the tags and values ​​inside the firebasedb, and display the tags and values ​​in different texts. But I couldn't. Can you help please?

and there is a problem here because we will not know the number of tags that will come from firebase db. If you want me to explain in detail what I want to do, let me tell you.

We have a lot of topics about using the Firebase component. So searching the community is always good. We also have a FAQ section about it. FAQ Section: Firebase

I searched really hard but I couldn't find it. I guess I'm looking a little differently because the ones I looked at from the community used blocks where it was difficult to find out what they were for. For this reason, I could not determine whether it would work for me or not.

Show your firebase data structure in the firebase console

do you meaning it?

Like this



its empty for now. When I find the use of get tag list, I will add values ​​and tags here too.

The basics

Thank you!