Making a list from Firebase values


I am currently trying to create a list, with items from Firebase.

I have different project buckets (1,2,3,4,5) and in all of them there is the same tag (Mail)
with different value.
I want to make a list of all the project buckets, that in them, the tag “Mail” got the value that I chose.

When I tried to make a loop and go through the Project Buckets, when I compare the values to the one I chose, I get thrown out of the loop when using “Get value”, because I need to use
“When firebase got value” in order to continue.

For example, in the image I added, the result is that the list is “12, 12, 12”, because the Mail I chose to compare appears 3 times, but I only get the last project bucket.

Please help, I will truly appreciate it.
Have a great day!


It is possible to resolve, but actually I believe you need to take a look at your data structure first. Why 12 project buckets, why 2 Firebase instances ? Just not necessary.

For example:
One Project Bucket, called Data, then save your data to tags:
Accounts/1/Mail/< value >
Accounts/2/Mail/< value >
Accounts/3/Mail/< value >

then you can call back all the data in tag Accounts in one hit, then iterate through the list returned

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OMG!! (Post deleted by user)..

I got the solution