Making a Attendance Barcode Scanner that sends the attendance data to two different class and sends a text to the student's parent number

Hi! I am new to MIT App Inventor and I am currently creating a App that scans Barcode of a student information with their parent's number. I've been struggling to log the data of two different classes to two different google spreadsheet, is there any way to fix this issue? And my deadline is this coming May, 11.

  1. Consider splitting your Names and Sections to two different lists so that you can upload each piece of data separately. Then you have a sortable/accessible column in your responses sheet on the google sheet.
  2. If using google forms to upload the data, it may be that you need a separate form for each section, so that the responses are returned to different response sheets in the google sheet.

How do you know who scan the QR code? If you used a login system, how to avoid one user using other users' auth info?

I already have 2 separate form for each section(class) but may I ask for a block demonstration for splitting two different lists for the names and section? I did also used the "split" and "contain" block for the specific word for both section(which is Santos and Mendel)

Check your google form settings, you should be sending each form response to a different sheet in the google sheet?

I already checked good sir. My problem is that as you can see in this block, I used the "if and else if" block to determine if whether the text of the barcode has "Santos" or "Mendel" in it. And if the text has "Santos" it will then go to the respective google form for the google spreadsheet to store the data for the "Santos" class. And if the text has "Mendel" in it, it will go to the respective google form for the google spreadsheet for the "Mendel" class. I have two separate spreadsheet for both and their respective google form for each.

You have this part resolved then ?

It sounds to me you need list or table or sheet filtering on that extra column.

The table filtering block is near the bottom of the blocks pallet.

Not yet, both "Santos" and "Mendel" classes log data to the "Santos" google spreadsheet even though I have respective google spreadsheets for both

Check your google form urls, they look the same, although I cannot see all of it

Okay, one last thing. Should I use 2 WebViewer for both or only 1?

Why are you needing to use a webviewer ?

For both google spreadsheets
I have experimented for the past 2 hours but it still wont work. It only logs data to the "RSGrade12Mendel" spreadsheet even though I used the compare block.