MakePhonecall Problem on Certain Android11 Devices

I Have been using the phone call component for a couple of years now. I just experienced a problem where on 2 Android 11 Devices it reacts differently.
On the Samsung S21Ultra it works 100%, but on a Ulefone Armor X8, when pushing the button associated with "MakePhoneCall" it just does nothing. There is no reaction from the device at all.

I have used these handsets before, but it seems something has changed.

Anyone has some advice, please?

Hello @Zacharias_van_nieker, and welcome to the App Inventor Community!
Before you post, please search for problems like yours that could help you solve your problem.
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I read this, but I have found that changing it to MakePhoneCallDirect did the trick.
The Problem with that was that the dialed number started with a #, and sometimes with a #*.
I managed to get it working by replacing # with %23, and * with %2A.

Thank you

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