Make sprite go outside of canvas

I want to make a simple program which shows a fictional map but which should be bigger than the canvas itself, like google maps (thats what I kinda want it to look like)

So I wanna know, is it possible to make an image sprite go out of the canvas?
e.g. my image is very big and sometimes i just want parts of it to go out of screen but this doesn't seem to be possible.

Possibly use a large Canvas (see Scott's examples for a scrolling Canvas ?? )

What is a large canvas???
Maybe you mean make the pixel size enormous, which might be an idea.

Put the canvas inside a vertical arrangement. The canvas proportions can be bigger than the vertical arrangement. Add an image sprite and set your image to it. The image proportions need to be less than the canvas proportions. Set vertical arrangement to centre/centre, and write your blocks to move the image sprite about.

imageInCanvasInVA.aia (223.9 KB)

I remember the canvas has a designer property to allow sprite out of bounds...

But what if I want it to go horizontally and vertically out of bounds?

I'm a newbie lol

since the canvas is bigger than its container layout, the edge area will not show up. You can place your sprite to the edge, then it's on the canvas, but not visible, due to t is covered by container.

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