Make pictures visible if a picture is there

this one is hard to explain but i will try my best.
i have a image picker and the picture is showing on a canves and saved. i store the content in a tiny db
the name is dynamic so the name can not be overwriten.
now i want to show these pictures as thumbnails in another Arrangement (same screen but other arrangement) the thumbnailes are showing in a horizontal scroll arrangement and wen clicked on a image it should show in the bigger image obove.
i want to make it so that there are only thumbnails visible as many as the user added photos. but it does not work. what is wrong whit my code? please hemp me.



Your global thumbnail has multiple personality disorder.

In one place, it thinks it is a list.

In another place it thinks it is a counter.

Pick one, and change the name to reflect its type (_list or _index).

oh what a stupid mistake i made. so sorry i hope this fixes things:) thank you so much

i changed it to my best doing but it still does not work.
i want to make only houses visible if there is a picture in the list. so there should be as many houses as there are pictures saved in the global kaartimagesList. but i get a error as showed below.
what am i doing wrong?

Uploading: image.png...

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Your index is an empty string


still get a error

When and where do you call this procedure?

To deal with marching houses and images you need to advance to more than one dimension lists.

You need lookup tables capable of telling you which image goes with which house and which houses don't have images.

You also need extra steps where you you look to see if a house actually has an image.

initialize screen

i tryed to call it on buttonclick but get a difrent error

i zall them both 2x now. once at initialize screen and once on button click. can that be the problem?

no this is thesame as making checkboxes apear wenn the tekst is filled. now i want to show pictures for every photo in the list. its the same and it should work. but i keep getting errors

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.

i want to try one more thing, to make a listvieuwer. if that does not work i would love to get you to vieuw my aia i will send it in a pm than. thank you

Take a closer look at my changes and notes/blocks and you will probably understand why the error messages occurred.

stil got error

and it does not show thumbnails for every canvas saved. i am still doing something wrong.

thank you, the error is gone. now i have to figure out how to get images instead of text:)
going in the right direction thanks to you.