Make Line Chart From Google sheets imported data

Hello. I tried to make a line chart from existed data in google sheets.

I use the chartmaker extension. But it didn't work. The line chart didn't appear.

Then I realize that the imported data type is in string ["1","10"] not in number [1, 20]. So, how can I do it correctly, so the app can show line chart from list of number in google sheets.


Aditya Royandi

Just remove all the "

Put this block in the values socket.

Let us know if it worked.

get this problem now

this is what I get when I tried print the result of your suggestion


I made a stupid mistake :sweat_smile:

Updated blocks:

Note this will not solve your 2nd problem...You have to split the text into a list (or list of list?)

see if this works (super ugly solution)

I couldn't test it as I can't find the extension..:sweat_smile:

(PS: draggable blocks)

For your data in listall you only need one label ( I have changed it to A to avoid confusion)



Oh so strings work just as well :exploding_head:

? I used lists....

I mean that you made of list of "text" and that worked, contrary to what @Aditya_Royandi thougjt the problem was

Makes no difference, the chart is displayed if numbers are used instead of text numbers:



This is exactly the extension that is being used above Richael....

Lol, sorry

Thank you so much. It works

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