Make Layout visible or invisible using switch button

Hi, I am trying to add a feature on my app where the user can use the switch on to make menu upload visible and when they switch the button off it becomes invisible again. Can I be assisted with this including the coding blocks

This sounds simple enough. You would want to have the switch's Changed event update the Visible property of the relevant views to reflect the value of the switch's On property.

Thanks for the swift reply. I get the gist of it but I am not sure how to implement it in the blocks section. May I please send a picture the general idea I have ?

We love pictures.

Awesome, thanks for assisting me. I would like for all the contents within the vertical scroll arrangement to become visible when the switch is on and invisible when the switch is off including the vertical scroll arrangement itself. I do not know how to go about that.

When the switch is on set the vertical scroll arrangement visible to true

It works, thank you very much.

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