Make Dialogue Box for Input

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How can I make the dialogue box like above which is removed when I clicked on the screen?

You can do this with notifier component.

But it is not removed when I click on the screen.

You can set the cancelable to true.

I will try that


If required, you can also refer to this aia file - Dialog.aia (1.5 KB)
I guess this is your problem's solution.

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Now there is one another option on the screen but the notifier is not removed when I click on the screen anywhere.

Try this

clickAnywhereNotifier.aia (7.6 KB)

Use the Easy Dialog extension, credits @ Zhangzqs

But if I want to put options on the Dialogue Box, then how can I do that?

Make your mind up! You wanted to close the dialog by clicking anywhere. Now you do not want to do that...

Show what you mean, will a standard choose notifier suffice for your needs or do you need to create a custom notifier with more options?