Make an update with spread sheet taken from a listview


problem is here..


here you converted list into different format . so need to change into list item

@Arturo The Question is, Which data you want to update? Some items are showing inlist view, want to send all the items? How can you edit it? No need to edit? If no need mean then why do you wanna update?

:thinking: wow and how could I do it ?

also it doesnot return any headers so no need to remove index 1 from response content..

Easily can do it.. The suggestion is.. make four text boxes and list view

Let List view to show any one col obtained from query result.. And on clciking or selecting the item, its relevant info let we make it show in tex boxes.. Once editing over and hit update button mean that specific row will let to update

@Spicy_Topics I would like to update colum A "status" yes all the items in the spread sheet are seend from the app. and some other user needs to see the information send and needs to make and change in the row.

two differnt person needs to use the one who send the information and the one who manage the information




which is where all of this started :wink:

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You want selected item from list view need to update or all lists showing in the list view need to update?

Yes, this is what i am suggesting.. Because update mean user need to change something but ine aia there is no plae for editing also the datas are not in list thats why it is not get updated...and nothing else

only one item

for this part to feed the spreadsheed is already donne


and It works with out problems

and for the fiters also work but as far as I understand because the filters has many elements theres is no way for the select update to see which item we need to update

and just for that your advise is to make different list view to only select the Item that we want to update ?

wit let me redesign there by you can send update just in another way

This is nice but you know the issue is that the screen to feed the spread sheet , needs to be different from the screen to select this item in a list view and to filter and update those items

If you could do it to help me I will really appreciate it . you know because it is not just make the update is either select rows and delated :roll_eyes:

you know could be that the only solution for this is to use a code to make the filters with SQL

because when I did this exercice with a read code in apps script it works fine , the dificulty started when making the filters with gviz query

Now i have understand your needs completely .. half a way solved.. wait a min

:sweat_smile: jeje

had some work.. time being i have updated the aia.. pls see to this..

SMO.aia (244.0 KB)

For updation, once update over again i made into show udated records in list view in this version
SMO(1).aia (244.1 KB)

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Wow :flushed: thanks for your efort and time let me check it i go back give me 5 min

Dear @Spicy_Topics , it works find for the update just the message the record is update is for some seconds but I know we can fix this the only thing is for the delate it show a message after do it, let me show you the message

do know how can fix it :bowing_man:

no i didnt work for delete.... and in the web got text use one more else if and use just like what i have used for record updated..

Dear @Spicy_Topics sure I will do it and Just really thanks again I am your fan

and is there way to compensate you just let me know

with your asistance I can just continue working you already helped me to cross the obstacle

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