Make an iOS app

How do I use app inventor 2 to make an iOS app?


At the moment, you can't. App Inventor is dedicated to Android currently, but development of it for iOS is advanced so we hope to make that available in the near future.

What does it mean to join the test by filling out the form on the website?image

If you join you will become a beta tester of App Inventor iOS.

Will I be notified after filling in?

Hmmm..., I have not yet joined it :sweat_smile:

Who can tell me how to join.

If it is a Google Form then just fill the details and click submit.

What if there is no organization?

Can you say which website you went?

You can ask @ewpatton

... that link is from 2019, it's very old and the development much further advanced. If MIT require even more Beta Testers this year, that will be announced.

Beta Testers have a lot of responsibility to the product. They must have enough skill and experience in order to discover bugs. That's bugs in App Inventor, not bugs created by your own App code.

The Beta is not suitable for creating an App that can be distributed.

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So I can’t tast Bata AI2