Make accounts in my app

I am trying to make an app with accounts that you can log into. I'm using tinywebdb and I have already made a signup and login page but I'm not sure how to make it so when you sign up you make an account and you can then log into that account. I have seen ways using word but I was hoping to find a different way only using this website if possible. Hopefully that makes sense.


What you can do is explained in TinyWebDB.

The TinyWebDB component communicates with a Web service to store and retrieve information. Although this component is usable, it is very limited and meant primarily as a demonstration for people who would like to create their own components that talk to the Web.

The component has methods to store a value under a tag and to retrieve the value associated with the tag. This means you can associate an account with a tag. Every thing for CrazyCatShan's account would possibly be stored in a Tag called Cat.

Realistically you should use a different storage system. These are available using existing components:

additionally, some developers use a Google spreadsheet as a database.

Thank you. I didn't even think about looking at tinywebdb. I'll have a look at it and the others you mentioned. Thank you.