Make a search app (to search by QR Code)

Hi, i have some problem when code. I make a QR Scanner. It work very well. I think i can make it search a info in google and i don't know how to do it.

Use the Activity Starter:

  • Performing web search. Assuming the term you want to search for is “vampire” (feel free to substitute your own choice), set the properties to:
    • Action: android.intent.action.WEB_SEARCH
    • ExtraKey: query
    • ExtraValue: vampire
    • ActivityPackage:
    • ActivityClass:

(from Connectivity)

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If the scanned code contains only a product ID code. you probably cannot using an ActivityStarter to perform a search using Google Most likely searching for that ID number you will produce a message No results found.

If the scanned code only contains a name (restaurant name perhaps) the AS will find the restaurant.

If you provide a cross reference table in your app 'translating' the product code into a word (12345 = church; 23456 = theater for example) can be searched to get results for the cross referenced 'word'. :smile:

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now deprecated, use Extras and create a list of list of pairs

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Need an update to Connectivity
from @ewpatton on the search parms for Activity Starter?

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Thanks :))))

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