Make a picture on sidebar

Hi dears
I would like to ask about a sidebar extension on the site
I couldn't put a picture on the bar how is it possible to do that ?

Do you mean this?


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Well I showed you the blocks, or you can set it in the designer.Have you tried ?

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it doesn't work

Show your blocks and designer settings

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only image not showing

Try a different image in your assets ?

Did you restart your companion after installing the extension ?

Did you try the example aia project provided in the archive ? Does that work ?

it worked without //

It works also with two slashes (//).

So what was your problem? :upside_down_face:

with me it doesn't work when i use //

Which Android version & which device?
I checked it on Android 9, 11 & 12.

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i use android 11

Btw, it also works with one, two, three, four slashes ...

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And answer this: