Make a name randomizer app

how do i make a name randomizer app? :blush:

Put your names in a list, then use the
select random item from list


how about the 2nd name

some what this way

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good name :rofl:

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how to read the list to list view?

Here it is

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The method above can introduce duplicates.

You may want to shuffle the original list instead:

Thanks Tim,

Is it because of "pick a random item list" or because of the method for selecting random from list of lists in the post you just indicated.

It is a case of removing the selected random item from the original list on each iteration, otherwise it can be randomly selected again, leading to duplicates in the output list.

So it is a case of selecting random with replacement and without replacement, isn't it? Hence, there could be two output possibilities or usability scenarios. Whichever fit the users requirement. Surely, I will explore this random function and the shuffling List method too.

how do i make it but after a name selected the name removed @RamNaresh @TIMAI2

In last you will be with empty list, if keep deleting items from list which is responsible for populating the listView. You can do this using ListView.AfterPicking block.

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