Make a lot of sprites move at the same time by shaking the phone

what is wrong with this block?

did you get any error?

no it just does not work, it doesnt do anything.
i want to make a lot of things move at the same time by shaking it. like a snowglobe. but nothing moves.

Doesn't this block point in direction?
I think you want to move it?

What setting did you choose for that Sprite?

  • Rotation, or
  • movement?

What Speed did you give the Sprite?

its a acceselartion, if you shake the phone it shoud move. i told it to move in all directions.
global coins is a list of image sprites i want to move.
if i should give it speed then how do i do that?

Here is something similar using Balls, where they start by individual drags.

Here is one way to MOVE one ball or sprite from standing still to another location I’m making a 2D platformer (How do you make a Ball or Sprite 'jump'?) - #24 by SteveJG . Use your list of coins to make all of the coins move as required.

If you can move one object, it should be possible to move all of them but not with the code you posted.