Make a image picker for designer in java?

Hey, so I was developing an extension when I needed to get an image from the user. So how do I create a image picker element for the designer?

visible extensions are currently not available as exension... but probably soon...

you might want to check the sources of the built-in image picker component...


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Sorry I didn't want it in the app, just the designer like this:
Image Picker
Image Open

Then have a look at file of sources.

Thanks for the answer. I looked in and couldn't figure out how it worked. Can you attach some kind of code snippet for me to look into? Do you know if you can do editorType = "Images" or something? Thanks.

Is it so hard to figure out?

DesignerProperty(editorType = PropertyTypeConstants.PROPERTY_TYPE_ASSET,
  defaultValue = "")

Or you can simply use 'asset' in editor type.