Make a button invisible after 10 minutes

hi, I'm trying to make a button invisible after 10 minutes when the button is pressed. I did but when the app is opened it works fine. How do I have to follow to continue when I close the app? can someone help?

On pressing time, save the current milli in tinydb and make visible to false for the button. Also enable clock to timer and count the difference betwern saved milli and current milli for every second.

Upon clock timer
If the difference has reached 36000 then enble the button.

When screen check the difference between current milli and saved milli

If the value is less than 36000 then set clock to timer and repeat the same process else set the button visible to true

Can you post it as a blog?

thank you so much

bad arguments don't work. it gives an error

Show yoir blocks

Did you set the way i do ?

i did the same

If possible test the aia given above in yhe orevious post. Click the red nark you will find yhe aia

Nope.. You are not.. See the tinydb.. If value not found zero you must put but you have added string so it throws the error

you are right thank you very much

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Is it working now?

There is one problem is there. If user changes system time it will reflect in the app too.

it gives the same error. Now I did it by carefully checking it but it didn't work.

Just as a side note, it should be like this:

yes it is, thank you very much