Major problem with using the AI companion

with everyone in my class this is happening but, when we try using the AI companion our app will not work I believe this is a bug because it isn't just one person. for some of us it just wont work for others it just gets stuck loading

Is this a new phenomenon? Nothing has changed code-wise in the past 24 hours, so it's unlikely to be a bug. The most probable cause if your whole class is experiencing the issue is a network configuration change, such as a firewall rule update that blocks access to the various servers needed to negotiate a connection. Have you tried checking the Use Legacy box on the companion prior to connecting to see if that helps?

Is this (getting stuck while loading) happening when you Build an app Adam?

I am currently experiencing very long build times when creating a QR code to load an apk on a fast Internet connection. I have no issues using Companion to live develop.

A guess is the class and others are using up their school network capacity with lots of users and Projects. Ask a teacher to talk to your IT department. They may have recently made local network changes impacting your class or their might be an issue with your internet provider.

We were seeing utilization on the TURN server upwards of 67%, so we're bumping the capacity by another 33% to get back below 50%. It's possible that was the underlying cause (although there should have been plenty of extra capacity), then the issue should be resolved for now.