Maintaining CloudDB list. Almost works?

Hi, This simple test app tries to demonstrate a multi-lists joined, to a single ClounDB list, with one tag. First attachment allows me to build 2 lists, second, save the list, next retrieve it, and finally maintain it. The first step work, sorta ok, but the final step works sporadically. Ideas please. Thanks Charles

You are making two lists, for example:


then you "join" the two lists, with a separator "|", which makes a "string".

You call back the "string", and split it with the separator. You now have two strings in a list

You then select one of the strings

You only have a string at the end of all this, not a list.

If you do it like this, you will have a list you can select items from:

TimAi2, Thanks for responding
I think you are demonstrating how to build a list in a list. My question was about saving more than one list in a SaveValue block.
In this screenshot I have deleted the separator and gave it a go. It seems to work fine. Thanks Charles

Your issue Charles, unless you want it that way, is that you are getting back a string, not a list. You wanted to be able to edit the data.

TimAi2 --> I don't understand! I thought I'd avoided the 'sequence' problem. Check my screenshot... I was able to display a list, remove an item, and then to add another back in? Help Charles

You are now working with lists, not strings :slight_smile: