Mail extension for making app in Mit app inventor

We have to decide whether we pay 10 USD for GmailUtil or mail extension for MIT app inventor. We tried both. Tried Free version of GmailUtil extension but can’t attach text file stored in Mobiles internal memory.Also tried Mail extension SMTP test app but it doesn’t accept Gmail mail ID as Username and Gmail password as password. What should I do?

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


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They all are paid versions, can I get the free version in which I can attached file stored in my mobiles internal memory for testing?

if you want you can make a php request to send the email better than buying an extension.

this is not correct, that page lists all available possibilities to send emails and a lot of them are free... I will not repeat everything here...
but of course noone will give you a paid extension for free... sorry...


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