Machin lerning for kids API key problem

ML4K api key is use IBM watson API for text machine lerning.
And was work well before.
I made new project with same key, but not work, jest error "API key isn't a Machine Lerning for Kids key".
Why not work, just use same key?

Welcome Revonoa

This is the extension GitHub - kylecorry31/ML4K-AI-Extension: Use machine learning in AppInventor, with easy training using text, images, or numbers through the Machine Learning for Kids website.

Does the older Project still work? Try it to test if the api key is still valid. If the old Project still works, the api key is valid. Are you sure you used the exact key in the new Project?

Is it possible that MLK requires a separate key for each Project? I don't know, just looking at a possible reason your key from the original Project is not working.

If your original Project still works, you might need to get a key for your new Project.

I appreciate to your reply.
I check othor project, same not work.
all project use same key, all not work.....
So i make API Key again. but not work too. I think problem in ML4K.

We are not responsible for the ML4Kids project. The API keys are for use of IBM Watson, and it is likely the case that IBM imposes some restrictions on the use of those keys. You may want to reach out to the ML4Kids team to understand what the restrictions are on the API keys generated for Watson.