M3U8 Link Videos in HTML Script

Hello, question... I am creating a Live TV app in App Inventor, it is a private m3u8 link which I have in an html page, which will be changing depending on the programming, but when adding it to the component WebViewer in the blocks with an html script, it does not play and gives an error...does anyone have a way to add it without it failing?
Or the correct Script to watch the video without failure...

Hello Galaxy IPTV

We would need to see your HTML script. M3U8 is a playlist? Are you converting it to HTML?

Hi my Friend, i using a Blogger page, where i set the html code with a m3u8 line of one channel (No List), then in the app i put a text block with link, what i need is get the option to change the link in any moment, and it change in the app... But this m3u8 dont open in the app.