Lost google account

Respect to all. I lost my app inventor google account. This is how I lost my project files. Can anyone help me how to get it back? It wasn't much, I only used it for private purposes, but they are quite important. Thank you very much!

I assigned one of the App Inventor developers. Maybe they can help you.

I am very grateful :grinning:

How up to date are your backup .aia exports?

I don't have one :disappointed:
Unfortunately it is old
But I can verify the email addresses.

I can transfer your projects to a new Google account. Please send me a private message with the following information:

  1. Your old account address (that you lost access to)
  2. A new Google account address where you want the projects transferred
  3. A description of the projects in the account.]=

Do NOT post your private information to a public thread like this one. Send me a private message by clicking my avatar and using the Message button.

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