Lost data project (AI2 Ultimate)

Hello Team
I've been using MIT APPinventor for windows for more than 3 years, and after I found out that my project data files are in the file C:\AI2U\AI\WEB-INF\appengine-generated\local_db.bin
because I've already moved the file to another computer and it worked
On this day when I was making a project, my computer suddenly died, and coincidentally it's been almost 6 months I haven't backed up my data including the project in AppInventor.
after booting again and running App Inventor, then opening with chrome, I was surprised that all the data was lost, my project page looks like when I first installed AppInventor on PC, there is no list of projects that I have ever created.

What can I do to recover my projects?

Thank you very much

Welcome Hida Suryo.

1.) It appears you are using a third party clone of App Inventor offline (AI2U). If so, your projects are not on MITs App Inventor server most probably. If some Projects are on the App Inventor server, log in to retrieve them. There are two servers, the main one where you use your Google log in and a second where you can use a recovery code to access your files. If you did any coding on these servers, the data should be there; however anything you coded using AI2U will not be there (unless you made an aia from AI2U) and imported the aia to that server.

2.) Did you save copies of your Project aia's in a folder on your computer or on a Flash Drive Stick? Then use the aia's to recover. If you did not do that, you will probably have to re code your Projects. :cry:

Someone else with experience with AI2U might provide you with other suggestions. You might search your computer for aia files using the computer to do a file search for the aia extension on all your drives.

Are you aware, AI2U stopped updating the software sometime in 2016? If you have a link to an AI2U forum, someone on the AI2U forum might be able to help you.

Good luck.


it looks as you found out the hard way, how important it is to backup your work, especially while using an offline solution
see also http://twodogapps.com/?page_id=686#BackupWork


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I'm sorry for the late comment.

thank you for your response @taifun & Steve JG.

this time I completely forgot to back up the aia file.

because there are some pretty long codings, I tried to recover the last local_db.bin and encoded_gs_key files and managed to get them.

I copy the file to the directory ai2/ai/web-inf/appengine-generated/

I open ai2 with a browser, I can see that my projects are missing in the project list.

when I try to open it, there is an error message and after I learn, the system can't open/find the file extension and image that I use.

I tried to check in /_ah/admin

datastore viewer

entity type : filedata

a list of file extensions that are considered not found by the system in each project is displayed. in the gcsName column, each extension in each project is all there.

idproject/asset/external_comps/co.com.devoper.namaextension/file2 extension (jar, json, property)

is this still possible to save?


Hida suryo

I really do not know Hida. I don't have any experience with AI2 Ultimate. I expect

If you do not have an aia Project file, I expect you can not reconstruct your Project. You might be able to 'save' pieces of a Project depending on the contents of the folders you recover. Perhaps images or stored data. I really do not know.

The good news is you coded these Projects once. You probably have to recreate them. :cry:

You just need to log in with the exact same account you used before. Projects will return to earlier