Loss of Projects

Hi all, suddenly, I have lost all projects in my list except the one I have been working on. It is as if If my logon has suddenly change, but I cannot logon with any other data than my google logon account. Anyone?

check your trash to see if your projects are in there ?

if they are just click them and you can restore them

Hello bechta

Is the project you are working loading 100% and you can freely work on it with no error messages? If not, it could be that this one project has some form of corruption and the Server stops loading the projects list.

When App Inventor is up, does your project get loaded automatically? If so, this might help:

  1. Top bar, Settings: deselect 'Enable Project Autoload'
  2. Log Out
  3. Log In - your project should not auto-load and so the projects list should build.

Hi, thanks for your comments. I have actually identified the cause...ME! What happened was that when I switched to a new laptop, I logged in with my GMAIL account, NOT the original one. I totally forgot that my original login was my own personal email! But could not login to that as it kept defaulting to my gmail. So, here is a hint for anyone intersted, I then logged into my gmail account, and in my profile ADDED my own email (which I actually thought was there!) once done, back to appinventor login and I then had the CHOICE of which account to login into! That done logged into my original one. But, as I had already made changes on my gmail login to some of my original apps , they did not show of course show up on my own login. So opened both laptops side by side and copied my changes on the gmail to my own and all done and all good!

Great news bechta and thank you for describing the situation and your fix, that will help a lot of other people.

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