Looking to create an AR, location-based, learning, quest-like (or escape rooms) games generator

Anyone for hire that can help me do that?



No one responded to your topic i see. Give as much information as possible on what you would like to see. Maybe you get more response that way.

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The idea is a Map-based app that you can define “stations” on it as GPS location (or other location identifiers), in each location you can set up riddle-like activities, based on a set of templates (designed to follow pedagogical concepts), incuding media of all sorts (including AR 3D objects that can be manupulated by the player). The system is all designed and waiting for the right programmer that can make it true. It can have a vast educational market waiting for these type of innovative tools.


I have gone through the details that you have mentioned, it possible to create an App like that, but not the Augumented Reality part, that’s not possible

Please let me know about it


It is possible…
You can use symbols to scanned by camera and it will generated the AR graphics and direction too…