Looking for support to create calculator app for more than 2 functions and 2 numbers

i am trying to create calculator which can use more than 2 functions and 2 numbers need help in blocks. could anyone support

how do i add multiple numers for additions i am able to add only 2 numbers

this is not working can you help ?

Search in the Gallery for 'calculator'

didnt understand how do i use calculator block ?can you show it?

Perhaps this is part of what you want

addFiveNumbers .

What you actually do depends upon where the 'numbers' are coming from.

numers are received from speech recognition and same should be added i am able to add only 2 numers but not abloe to add 3 or more

What is this result?

total of numers should be result

I did not see how you set value of number3 and number4.

i need help for that only how to set them

that's why i asked What's your speech recognition result?
What did you say to the app?
one plus two plus three plus four?like this or what?

yes i am giving random numers like this 22+33+45 like than and i need result as total of all numbers