Looking for someone to build a simple keyboard with bar code scanner app

I'm looking for someone to build a simple keyboard with bar code scanner app. It needs to be functional, that's all I'm looking for. I need the basic keys and numbers, along with some special character. Only the ones found on a basic keyboard. Please let me know if you're interested.

You should mention how much you’re willing to pay.

looking for an idea how much this will cost me before I throw a number around. I was trying to do it myself, I gave up.

hmm, I'm interested,

if you're interested and capable, let me know what your fee is.

I will try to make it first

Please See This Project :
tes3.aia (2.8 KB)
Is the keyboard you want like that?

I will try to make what you want for free

no, i need a basic letter key board with the ability to scan bar codes

please give me an example for that, like image

something like this

so you want to make an app like this?

something similar, not as complex. not need to log anything or the nfc scanner.

I think it is still not possible to make (Barcode Scanner Keyboard), because in my opinion there is no extension for that.

so for now you can only make a scanner with a button.
Like This :
NewScanner.aia (1.8 KB)


Thanks for the message, a keyboard with barcode or qr code is not possible from our side, we can make an App that can scan barcode and qr code and record the information in it. If you are interested in it then please let me know about it. If you want send some materials for the App then my contact details are mentioned below,



You can use the barcode scanner component already in app inventor , most of the work are based on the generated barcode and it's data.