Looking for some cool app (or game) ideas for a show I am designing

backstory about the show where I will use the app created with AI2 from your ideas

So I am making a TV show which revolves a lot around socializing and technology.
I have already written the first season episode for the show, but now i need to start making the second episode.

In there, I need to show a cutting-edge app, which i will actually make with MIT app inventor.
What are some cool app ideas you can give me? I will really make them with AI2.
Or should I make a game for the show?
I already had a project which i made in AI2 called 'Atlantis' and i also asked about help for it in the community. I have completed making that app.
i am here for different ideas.
I am not going to ask AI to give me ideas. Google is useless for me.
Thank you.

should I publish that app here?
  • yes
  • no
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Also I am not going to publish 'atlantis', I might publish the app from the ideas you would give me.

Maybe something where you strap the phone to your forehead, with the screen facing out, and only others can see the screen.

Use speech input and output.

Add other people running the same app to the room.

Have a random phone announce a question.
(They are all linked to a common DB for this session)

Other phone users announce their guesses, and their phones judge them, with appropriately hilarious responses on their foreheads.

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Have i understood it corectly?

What i understood: The user of the app cannot see their phone while its in use, others can see, and a random phone asks a question to all, and the users guess and tell it to the phone which is processed in the app, with an appropriate hilarious answer.

Cool idea though.

The users who guessed wrong suffer the phones on their foreheads displaying a large 'L'
and emitting a sad trombone sound.

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Ok, good idea :grin: I will now design it.
Now i am thinking what i should name it

Next one (based on a recent Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show guest appearance game):

Theatrical Voice Coach Exercises
Can you keep up?

A recording of a Broadway actor reciting a speedy tongue twister is played, and you have to repeat it out loud. Possibly speech recognition to score, or other players in the room vote.

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What about ABG?
Another Beautiful Game

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What a name! Maybe I could name that! :slight_smile:

Another game:

Sir, You are Being Hunted.

You sign onto the app, and it randomly decides if you are a hunter or the hunted.
Location sensors are enabled, and send to a common data base for this hunt.

First hunter to come within x feet of a hunt target wins.

I have mixed feelings about this one, especially in NYC.

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Another idea, based on socialization ...

Ever see those stone chess tables sitting all alone in the park, waiting for some on to come play on them?

But how to you announce you are available for a game, or find some one available to play at that table, all within a given time window?

Use geo-location and a common data base to make matches.

Call the app
Game and Match.

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Next one:

Dial An Argument:

Sometimes, you just want to argue, but you can't find any one willing to argue with you.
Tap into an anonymous pool of blabberers willing to engage with you on an endless list of topics.

Vent your spleen, with no consequences.
(This has to be speech based, to distinguish it from other social media.)

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I completed the second idea

I didnt use an actors voice, i used text to speech.
Done completed.

I did violate some programming principles :grin:

Now it is 11pm where I live, I will make the rest tomorrow!

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Another one:

Three Phone Monte

Variation 1 - Needs 3 identical phones face down on a cardboard box

The carny flips the phones face up, and asks the rube to tap one of them.
The Carny flips them all face down, and shuffles them carny style.
The carny flips them all back face up, and asks the rube to tap the same one he tapped before.

If the same phone was tapped, it announces a winner.

Subvariations - first run is honest, next run is rigged by BlueTooth comms among the phones and / or use of the Orientation Sensor by the Carny to influence the result.

Next variation -

All three phones are face up, and they alternately flash card images then turn dark. No phone movement is needed. Also easy to cheat , using a magnetic ring and the magnetometer sensor.

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Haven't seen them in a while, they probably got rid of them in our park.

But ok, I will make it though.