Looking for feedback on my Photographers Helper android app

This app helps a photographer set up to shoot. It computes sunrise/sunset/twilight times, depth of field, constant exposure settings, has a sunny 16 chart,
I would like suggestions on


  • Features to add
  • Interface changes
  • any other suggestions

**Took out the link to the apk

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Changed your topic as you are asking for feature and interface suggestions....

It is not a good idea to post an .apk here. Also, I am not so sure that this is the place for a free review here.
If you want advice on coding and the way you built your app, you should post on .aia
If you want advice on the functionality, maybe there are amateur photographers communities you could ask?

Besides that, your app looks interesting enough, I could use such an app!

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My post was moved by "the powers that be." I posted it in the app showcase with a link to the apk on my Google drive.